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Xe đẩy thuốc cấp cứu XCC-001

Giá gốc : 19000000
Giá bán : 17900000


Drug Delivery Trolley
Size: length 630*width 470* height 910mm;
Worktable: length 600mm* width 450mm;
Packing size: L680*W540*H1000mm;
Drawer configuration:
Shallow drawer 1pc(size of shallow drawer:458*408*55mm- height of
Medium drawer 2pcs(size of medium drawer:458*408*95mm- height of
Deep drawer 1pc(size of deep drawer:458*408*125mm- height of Board:135mm);
Deeper drawer 1pc(size of deep drawer:458*408*125mm- height of Board:205mm);
Basic configuration: The cart made of PVC material. Which the trolley has beautiful
appearance and long service life. And it is easy to handle. The trolley consisted by
the accessories as following: the rails by stainless steel; ABS worktable; POM pillars;
silent-designing casters; glover compartment; central lock; garbage can; single
infusion pole; defibrillation board and defibrillation platform.
Optional configuration:
Retractable auxiliary worktable;
Medical tray with 36holes;
Pedal garbage can;
Storage box;
Sharps box set;

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