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Xe đẩy thuốc

Giá gốc : 19000000
Giá bán : 17500000


The cart made of aluminum, plastic and steel. It is easiest to move, novel in design and graceful in outline. The worktable is made of concave ABS mold. The rails is used for bearing the removable partition, available for placing disinfectant cups and sand round cup and other bottled objects;
The first layer is set for an automatic-lock internal divided drawer of 160mm height. It looks elegant;
The middle part is set for placing instruments and others with rails on three sides;
The base is equipped with a large detachable storage bucket for storing convenience;
The top right of the cart is equipped with a basket for placing the sharps box, under which there's a double pedal trash can, which can be configurated with an infusion pole.
The left side of the cart is equipped with an internal divided storage box, for storing gadgets and others.
Workable top: 600*450*840mm;
Packing size:875*735*1080mm;

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