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Lifting cradle is the first hospital bed

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- Dimensions: L x W x H = 540 x 1900 x 900 mm

Monitor the pile height: 1500 - 1600 mm

The distance from the bed down to the floor: 550mm

The distance from the top of the bed down to the floor: 850-950 mm

- NVL: 100% SUS 201 stainless steel, stainless steel, non-magnetic, high mechanical strength.

+ The welds are using argon method.

- Cross-box headboard frame: 30 x 60 mm box 1mm thick

- Cross-frame headboard legs: 32mm 1mm thick tubing đk

- Cross-brace frame headboard legs: đk 22mm tube, 0.8mm thick.

- The cross sections of the song headboard: đk tube 12.7mm, 0.8mm thick

Box section 40mm x tie rods 10mm 0.6mm thickness, hardness sure patients understand.

Stainless steel horizontal bar wrestlers square of 25 * 25 mm.

Texture and weight: Frame and legs bed frame (with rubber-coated bearing) and disassemble easily be assembled together by stainless steel screws, move convenience.

- Frame Adjustable lumbar support from 0-450, the gap between the slats spokes around 25mm.

Tree spin: dk12,7mm tube, thickness 0.8, 80 cm high. Spin is sliding on tubes ø 16.

-Giuong Easily removable, the link between the bed and the bed frame by Pat holds a bed by 8 stainless steel bolts M8.

- Mattress bed mattresses how simili muoss divided into 2 sections, 70mm thick

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