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Emergency beds

Giá gốc : 3500000
Giá bán : 3190000


Paper house production: Vietnam - a new 100%

- Warranty 12 months

- Dimensions: L x W x H = 540 x 1900 x 900 mm (height of the bed)

- NVL: 100% SUS 201 stainless steel, stainless steel, non-magnetic, high mechanical strength, stainless steel ball, beautiful.

- Assembly:

+ Single bed with 4 clusters: the first frame (75cm long, 88cm wide) and the tail beds (45cm long, 88cm wide), bed frames and slats (25cm long, 88cm wide).

+ Frame R900xC1100mm headboard, bed frame R900xC850mm tail mounted with stainless steel bed frame Table 8 M8 x 20 bolts firmly guaranteed.

+ Angle raise the head: From 0-850

+ The welds are using argon method.

+ Standard material:

- Bed frames: Stainless steel box 30 x 60 mm foundry cast 1mm thick

- The first frame and headboard: Stainless steel seamless tube Ae32mm consecutive 1mm thick

- 1 horizontal but headboard: Pipe 0.8mm thick stainless steel foundry cast Ae25mm

- 4 duplex along the headboard: Pipe 0.6mm thick stainless steel foundry cast Ae16mm

- Its bed: 10 x 40mm box 0.6mm thick, including 12 bar

- Frame slats: Box 25 x 25mm stainless steel foundry cast 0.8mm thick

- The head of the bed raised: Thanh teeth 20mm x 1.0mm Æ vit me, lifting angle 0-850

- 2 crank: 32mm x 1.0mm tube in Æ, Æ 42mm x 1.0mm outer pipes

- Pile screen: Bookmarks in frame 12.8mm x 0.8mm Æ nightstands

+ Mattress bed mattresses how simili muoss divided into 4 sections, thick 7cm

+ Wheels: 4 wheels Ae100mm.

+ Both sides bed with 2 bars, which can be raised for the safety of patients, when not in use can be lowered easily.

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